About Rural Tech Consulting

Christi Studio strives to share knowledge about technology on a local basis because it understands finding someone nearby and affordable to fix an Internet-related problem can be a bear on the Oregon Coast. One, confidentiality can be an issue. Two, competency may be another issue. Three, the rates of firms offering Internet-related support online may exceed seasonal budgets. 

The studio's founder heard numerous stories of people not finishing what they say they can do around here. There are also stories of being let down after starting an online business, as well as frustration over not getting enough attention online while another business is doing well with its Internet presence.

So what exactly is a rural tech consultant?

Well, a rural tech consultant is simply someone who likely knows what the solution to your technology related problem happens to be. 

Being located in the rural Oregon Coast as well, the studio is naturally sensitive to small business earning limitations, cash flow issues and seasonal budgets, which is initial 15-minute consultations are free (thanks to this website's sales proceeds, partners and sponsors). So businesses are welcome to use the 15-minute consult to ensure any non-local firm's quote is reasonable, too.

And of course, Christi Studio understands the power of rumors in a rural community, so we strive to keep our local client list confidential. Your privacy is assured before and after consulting with the founder. 

In a nutshell, from the social and financial aspects of doing business in a rural Oregon coastal area, to website development, use of the latest technologies in design and marketing, as well as needing a profitable search engine presence, Christi Studio "gets it." 

Has someone just slaughtered your reputation in an online review, perhaps while drinking and typing? Maybe the studio can help. We've removed dozens of horrible words from the Internet for over 10 years on behalf of clients who own all sorts of businesses.

If you're dealing with a problematic search result, or no search result at all, get in touch.

Is your site broken or lacking a much-needed feature? Send a message and describe the problem. Christi Studio has designed and developed entire websites from scratch. 

Are you at a loss about what to post on Facebook? Let us know! Christi Studio has supplied Fortune 500 company websites and social media pages with fresh new innovative new material--and can do the same for you. 

The studio's background in technology is solid because the founder is formally trained in design and technology, too. She's also a former high school technology teacher and vocational software instructor; thus, this is a great source for easy-to-follow expert instructions from someone with a lot of patience, too.

If you still wonder how a rural tech consultant can help your business succeed on the Internet, please review these two inspiring success stories.

Thanks to the studio's partnerships and sponsors, rural businesses get a free 30-minute consultation on a web-related problem or a design-related need. A 30-minute consultation may be enough to resolve a problem related to technology and the web. Rural business owners are welcome to apply for a pay-for-performance arrangement to obtain, or improve, an online presence, too.