Inspiring Success Stories

If you know where there's a demand, and you can fill it, you can succeed with an online business. Two of my most successful clients still standing after the COVID-19 disaster left important clues on the relationship between technology and business resiliency. While there's plenty of other consulting-related stories to share, these are two of the most meaningful ones (at this juncture in history).

Christi Studio served as the lead consultant on behalf of a hybrid online/offline business that sold management services to HOAs. They used the Internet to generate new business leads by having Christi Studio build a fancy website that rose to page 1 of Google Search in a highly competitive market. When COVID-19 polices went into effect, we brainstormed and the studio installed an online payment system for this business, which they still use to this day.

The studio also served as lead project consultant to a business who sold a product meant for use in one business sector--to a completely different audience in another sector--and did so successfully by getting his product in front of potential buyers with the help of Amazon. The studio first helped the company's owner fend off the angry competition in gaming forums with custom designed relevant charts and graphics (long story). The studio then revamped the company's outdated website with a brand-new information design structure and ecommerce store, which enabled this company to move product directly to buyers and reduce reliance on distributors.

Christi Studio's solutions continue to serve the companies mentioned above.

The reason the above success stories are important is that they illustrate how the strategic use of online technology in a competitive niche with high demand can lead to success. One used technology to overcome online competition by getting to page 1 of Google Search and then, during the business shutdowns, the company managed to stay relevant despite lockdown policies by deploying payment technology which made virtual payments possible. The other aforementioned business excelled with everyone being stuck at home shopping and used Christi Studio's information and web design solutions to liberate itself from heavy dependence on distributors and thus even businesses with storefronts.

Anyway, whether you're just starting out, or if you're a well-established business ready to go online, Christi Studio is confident you too can do great. That confidence of your potential success online comes from a decade of experience helping businesses shift from struggling with technology to being abundantly successful online.