Traditional Digital Artistry

Christi Studio has specialized in improving historical digital images for a long time. Our digital work can be found on products as well as in museum exhibits and private collections. Aside from compiling visuals to improve a website's search engine curb appeal (aka SEO, which will become increasingly important as AI assisted website text content grows more sophisticated)--the studio enjoys creating digital interpretations of deteriorating works of art, historical photographs, and wide assortment of ephemera.

Do you have an old image in need of repair, printing, or scaling up to a larger size for printing? Tell us about it! Christi Studio's digital image enlargement method prevents a noticeable loss of quality within digital files. Not to brag, but, the digital files produced by Christi Studio end up in better shape than other digital files in circulation because we prioritize increasing image size for better print-quality, color accuracy, and restored beauty. Here are just a few before and after samples: