Sir Thomas More Poster
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Saint Catherine Of Siena Poster
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Rare Designer Catholic Gifts

Affordable and high-end products inspired by all things that have personal meaning.

Limited Edition Catholic Gifts

Ideal for fundraising, interior decorators and those who love originality.

Professional Product Design

Serving retailers, schools, churches, non-profits and clubs.

If you can imagine it, we can design it.

(If you can't imagine it, we can.)

Christi Studio is an independent Catholic novelty product company that designs and sells some of the world's rarest and original Catholic apparel and merchandise. From  uncommon t-shirts, rare prints and archival quality reproductions, mugs to thousands of other products sold by trusted retailers and non-profit organizations, Christi Studio is a top source for extremely uncommon Catholic goods that tickle the fancy of those who love the classics and originality.

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