Oregon's Golden Treasures: The Most Popular Collectible Gold Coins

Oregon is a state steeped in history, and its gold coins are no exception. From the Beaver gold coins to the Oregon Trail Commemorative Half Dollar, Oregon collectible gold coins offer a fascinating glimpse into the state's rich gold mining past.

The Beaver gold coins were created in 1849 to address the lack of reliable currency in the new Oregon Territory. The Oregon Exchange Company produced around 6,000 five-dollar coins and 2,850 ten-dollar coins in solid gold, which was recognized as reliable currency. The beaver was chosen to represent the beaver trade of Oregon and remains a significant symbol in the state. Although the federal mint ordered all private coinage to be melted down in 1854, some Beaver coins survived and remain rare collectibles.

Beyond the Beaver gold coins, Oregon also produced the 1859 Oregon Gold Dollar. This coin was minted in San Francisco during the gold rush era and features a beaver on the obverse and the words "Oregon Territory" on the reverse. Additionally, the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition $1 Gold coin was produced to commemorate the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition held in Portland. The coin features Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on the obverse and the words "Oregon Trail" on the reverse. These coins offer a unique glimpse into Oregon's gold mining history and are highly valued by collectors.

Recently, the "Riverboat Collection" was auctioned in Chicago, featuring valuable pioneer coins of historical significance, including Oregon $5 and $10 gold coins, as well as two Pacific Company $1 gold coins, which are extremely rare and have unclear origins. These coins and collections are highly sought after by collectors interested in Oregon collectible gold coins, and experts suggest that collectors should educate themselves on the history of gold mining in the state and seek out reputable sellers for guidance on authenticity and valuation.

Collecting Oregon gold coins is a fascinating way to explore the state's rich gold mining history and its contributions to the nation. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, adding an Oregon gold coin to your collection is sure to be a treasured addition. With their unique designs and historical significance, these coins offer a window into a bygone era and are a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Oregonians.



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