Observations on AI-Assisted Images

The founder of Christi Studio has a tremendous amount of experience in the field of Computer Graphics and Design, as a contracting consultant, vocational instructor, former high school technology teacher, tech writer and a sole proprietress. As technology advances with rapid speed, here are a few of her general conclusions on the advancement of AI-assisted art:

Great digital AI art requires a willingness to collaborate and an eye for detail.

Quality AI art likely still needs retouching in Adobe Photoshop (or Adobe Illustrator). 

The use of formally trained artists in the production of AI images will result in original work.

An art school vocabulary results in greater control over AI prompts and image results

Failure to research the contents an AI image could result in a copyright violation.

Artists may gain added immunity from copyright violations through fair use laws.

AI doesn't change the fact that stealing remains wrong.

This studio hopes for the fair and just use of emerging AI technologies.