Oregon Coast Temperature & 2023 Notable Area Weather Log

What's the weather like on the Oregon Coast?
Brookings, OR - Current Temperature & Forecast
(Brookings is first town near the California border on the coast.)
Gold Beach, OR - Current Temperature & Forecast
(Gold Beach is 28 miles north of Brookings, OR.)

Current Sea Temperature in Port Orford, OR
(28 miles north of Gold Beach, OR)
The following is a public safety awareness weather log. By watching how this log evolves, you can get a good idea of the area's weather patterns.

Log Date: 1/23/2023:
It's sneaker wave season. A warning was issued: 
If you don't know what a sneaker wave is yet, take a look at this video and then keep your eye on the wave as it comes in, and does not stop. Fortunately, everyone in this footage made it to a safe place on the beach. This footage was captured at a beach in between Gold Beach and Brookings. 
Laughing and playing without watching can be risky around these here parts.
Sneaker waves are common in the area and can impact visitors and residents most when they are unaware. So, if you didn't know about the sneaker waves of the Oregon Coast, you know now.

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