Protect The Living. Don't Bite Their Style.

This diary entry is the result of noticing the names of working artists in a list of artist names for use in AI prompts, here:

[Redacted 30+ page list to discourage the use of living artist names as AI prompts. Contact me if you're an artist and you want to know if your name is on this list.]

When I saw that list, I asked myself, wouldn't it be demoralizing to refine a personally meaningful creative style only to wake up one day and discover that technology had enabled anyone to use it? I think so. I therefore extend my deepest support to any living artists who are injured by AI.

I don't know if that link is a credible source or not but many of the styles do look familiar. That said, it's Christi Studio's policy to not reference living artists, ever. 

As for the solution for stolen art styles said to be within [redacted] now, perhaps a petition to remove all living artists from [redacted] data would help, if there aren't any out there already: I suspect Congress will eventually get involved.

Meanwhile, there may be a more immediate solution: [redacted AI company name] could hire gifted artists with spare cool styles to share; doing this immediately would be good for AI, good for working artists, and good for the entire art community.

So. . . that said, if anyone finds a piece of AI research on this website that feels like your original work and style--please contact the studio immediately. After an investigation, Christi Studio is happy to make your discovery public with the hope that others will be inspired to follow suit and not bite the styles of living artists--and perhaps even join me in making known an artist was hurt--should you so desire.

Digital artists, computer graphics professionals, and creative content creators, let's do right by living artists. If a living artist's style pops up, what do you think about removing the reference to that artist's style with a negative prompt? 

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