Nature Calls: Navigating Restroom Stops on Your Oregon Coast Road Trip

I know, from personal experience, that when traveling along the Oregon Coast, finding a restroom can be a challenge, especially since the towns are spread out and some may not have public restrooms available. Whether you're driving during the day or after dark, it's important to plan ahead to avoid any uncomfortable situations. Here are some tips to help you navigate restroom stops on your Oregon Coast road trip.

  1. Before hitting the road, research the towns and rest areas along your route to see where public restrooms are available. Make note of their hours of operation and any fees that may be required.

  2. When in doubt, stop at a gas station or restaurant, even if you don't need to fill up or eat. Most gas stations and restaurants have restrooms available for their customers, and they are often located near major highways and roads.

  3. Some public restrooms may not have toilet paper or hand sanitizer available, so it's a good idea to bring your own. Keep a small pack of toilet paper and hand sanitizer in your car for emergencies.

  4. There are several apps available that can help you find public restrooms along your route, such as SitOrSquat, Flush, and Bathroom Finder. These apps provide information on restroom locations, hours of operation, and user reviews.

  5. If you're traveling after dark, finding a restroom can be even more challenging, then again, it's easier to find some privacy. The best idea is to use the restroom before hitting a long stretch of road along the coast in the middle of the night.

By planning ahead and knowing where to find public restrooms, you can avoid any uncomfortable situations while traveling along the Oregon Coast. Don't let the lack of restrooms deter you from enjoying your road trip - with a little preparation, you can stay comfortable and relaxed on the road.

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