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Oregon Flying Squirrel in Flight Shower Curtain - Inspired by John James Audubon (Sustainable & Recyclable)

Oregon Flying Squirrel in Flight Shower Curtain - Inspired by John James Audubon (Sustainable & Recyclable)

"Hey! Where are you going, little buddy?"

This rustic mildly distressed vintage-style shower curtain depicts an Oregon Flying Squirrel, as illustrated by John James Audubon in his 1854 publication "The quadrupeds of North America," and then later adapted with a touch of contemporary creative style by Christi Studio. The squirrel is shown in mid-air, with its arms and legs outstretched and its bushy tail raised behind it, as if gliding through the sky. Its fur is soft and fluffy, with shades of brown and gray. The squirrel's large, dark eyes gaze upwards, adding to the lifelike quality of the illustration. For the record, the taxonomic name for these cute creatures is Glaucomys sabrinus. The shower curtain captures the grace and beauty of this unique mammal, and highlights its ability to glide through the air using air currents and its parachute-like membrane. This shower curtain would be an excellent addition to interior decorating choices focused on zoology, biology, or natural history. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone interested in the natural world, too. The high-quality polyester fabric is durable and water-resistant, making it the perfect choice for longevity. With its vintage appeal and timeless, bold elegance, this shower curtain is sure to enhance the ambiance of any bathroom.

Please note that while polyester offers adequate protection against water, a liner might be necessary for full waterproofness. The shower curtain comes as a pre-constructed item with a size variance of +/- 2 inches.

Product Details:

100% polyester

One-sided print

Hooks not included

Size: 71x74 inches (180x188 cm)

Pre-constructed item. Size variance +/- 2 inches.

This shower curtain is available in different colors, so if you're an interior designer looking to match a color scheme, please write and share about your project's color scheme. 

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