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Design Services
Christi Studio designs stylish, high-converting products and websites for individuals, businesses, non-profits and e-commerce stores. Products fabricated out of wood or stone are also available upon request.

Web-Presence Consulting
Before or after we've created some great sellers or for you, we'll help ensure your online presence is strong by making sure your business is indexed everywhere it should be online to get the maximum amount of foot traffic.
Product Development
Our services include restoration of vintage art and images when required. We’re also here to help you get your hands on products that are unique by creating them ourselves or by contracting the talent needed to get the job done. You'll be proud of the resale products we build because each is designed to 1) reflect your brand and vision, and 2) sell. So, if you’re looking for a fast, cheap and impersonal kind of design experience then we’re probably not for you.
Product Sourcing
Christi Studio understands that researching the best wholesale prices and suppliers for a custom product can be overwhelming. As experienced print-on-demand industry participants, we have an extensive database of printers, cut-and-sew shops and other relevant product producers. By comparing their prices, offerings and white label shipping services, we are able to get you great rates on wholesale orders, while taking care of your product fulfillment needs at the same time.
Finding talented image restoration artists, reliable illustrators and designers is hard. That’s where Christi Studio comes in. If we can't produce it, retouch it, or get the rights to it, we can outsource. Our vetting process and rights usage policies are rigorous. We choose top freelance talent to save you time and money. From design and production to fulfillment – we have the services you need to start selling the rarest of products in your own shop, online or offline.
Ongoing Support
Unlike other design studios and digital agencies, we’re not in the ‘produce and discard’ business. We’re here as your business or organization evolves. We continue to support our clients during the promotion process to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly through your busiest periods. We also stand by to learn more of what you're audience wants to design the items your audience actually wants. What could be better?
Fixed-Fee, Shared Rights, & Commission-Based Product Management
If you're new to the web, we can help you with that too by building you your own website. We've been around since 1999 so we've got the experience in online technology and print-on-demand services you need. Some of our clients don't have the resources needed to manage their own products online, so we help in this area as well on a fixed fee, shared rights or commission basis.

Packaging Design
When all you need is the packaging for handmade or small factory products, we can help you with that, too. Christi Studio also sources and designs biodegradable packaging and an assortment of recyclable flat-bottom pouches and bags.