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Niagara Gorge Railroad Trolly 4x6 Print

Niagara Gorge Railroad Trolly 4x6 Print

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The Niagara Gorge Railroad (forming part of the Great Gorge Route) was an interurban railway which ran at the bottom of the Niagara Gorge (at water level) from Niagara Falls, New York to Lewiston, New York.

Stations were at International Railway Terminal, Great Gorge Route Ticket Office, New York Central Depot, Schoellkopf Station, Rapids View, Whirlpool Rapids, Whirlpool Point, Ongiara Park, Giant Rock, Devil's Hole, Lewiston-Queenston Bridge and Lewiston Dock.

In Niagara Falls the GGR made connections with the International Railway Co. (IRC), New York Central, Erie Railroad, Canadian National and Lehigh Valley. In Lewiston Dock connections were made with New York Central, IRC, the Lewiston & Youngstown Frontier and Canada Steamship Lines steamers to Toronto.